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The biggest way you can impact the ministry at  the UALR Wesley is through your prayers.  Prayer is powerful and has a way to influence how we will do ministry.  Please take the time  daily to pray for the students, the staff, and the board members. Help us to be Christ-centered in all that we do and cloak us in your prayer. 


There are a couple of ways you can give your presence. As a student, your presence is important at weekly programs and special events.  By being active in the UALR Wesley, you are taking responsibility in your growth in faith.  Also, by being present, you are able to add to the ministry through your ideas, personality, and more. As a friend of the campus ministry, your presence is greatly appreciated.


There are many ways of service. Some simple ways of offering your service is through helping set up for big events, cleaning up around the UALR Wesley, serving on the board, and many other ways.  


There are two ways to support us with your gifts.  First, your gifts and talents.  If you have a gift or talent you think could help benefit the campus ministry, please come talk to us.  We would love to make connections and figure out how we can use our board or friends of the campus ministry to make the UALR Wesley a place for college students during their years of faith development.  The second way you can support the UALR Wesley with your gifts is through financial support.  As a non-profit organization, we are always in need of financial support.  Please prayerfully consider donating to the UALR Wesley  


We are all to be witnesses of Christ. We hope through everyone who is part of the UALR Wesley that we can help others to know God’s grace. We want to be the witness of the image of God.

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