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Hugh, Junior
Dardenelle, AR


"Wesley is a second home for me at UALR.  After my classes, I love to go to the Wesley to fellowship with peers and relax.  It has helped me along in my faith journey in my college years and I know I can count on the friends I've made there. My favorite experiences at the Wesley would have to be all the one on one conversations I've had with others.  The Wesley is a great place for me to be myself meet new people from all walks of life. "

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Tony, Senior
Pine Bluff, AR

"The Wesley is a place to facilitate my hunger for mission. I love when we go help at Geyer Springs with the food pantry and when we served in Memphis with Serve 901 for Spring Break.  It helped me see different people and different needs that communities have.  One of the coolest opportunities on the mission trip was surveying the Memphis neighborhoods.  We were looking at the houses and how they were being cared for. The organization wanted to create safe neighborhoods.  I learned that technology can help people. The Wesley has has helped me realize that I want to become a missionary after I graduate college."

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